Although there may be very few things common between eCommerce platform and Healthcare. There is always something to learn. When it comes to eCommerce we know and can agree on one thing. Amazon is the leader.


Why do you think Amazon is a success?

No, it’s not just the price and services. It’s because it is customer-centric. They give their full priority to their customer satisfaction. Amazon provides great customer services to its customers.


Healthcare organizations can learn something from successful business models and many healthcare organizations have started understanding benefits of a patient-centric model.

Most healthcare lac in providing good information to their patients digitally and this is where healthcare organizations and professionals fail to connect with their existing and new patients.

Let us put down some important points to list down few digital ways to create a patient-centered digital presence.


1) Relevant Information


The website needs to have a detailed information about your services, procedures and your abilities for its viewers. Things such as your blogs, links to other websites with good education materials, publications, videos and latest technological advances in the field of healthcare. For e.g.

  • A clinic focusing on allergies should have good images and information on different types of allergies.
  • A  cosmetic surgeon should have before and after images with information on treatment and procedures of various services they provide to their patients.



2) Infographics


Good images with information is something audience loves to see and read. These are quick info-bytes. There has been a lot of great educational and motivational images that are posted on social media these days. They are quick and to the point. Creating such images will help the reader to quickly grasp the context.


3) Social Media


People are continuously following you on different digital platforms and every platform has its own importance. Facebook is good for posting blogs whereas people who prefer to see images are more active on Instagram. Healthcare professionals are more likely to share professional information on LinkedIn and so on. So there is no doubt that social media plays a great role in giving your content a platform and an audience.


4) Promotions


Once the content is created and posted on social platforms. It is necessary to promote these content and make sure it reaches its relevant target audience. Using tools such as SEO, Social Media Paid Promotions (FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram), Pay Per Click marketing and more. This plays a very very important role when it comes to gaining new website visitors/patients.


Patient education is not a one-time mojo but a steady process wherein healthcare professionals and organizations invest time in spreading healthcare literacy. This goes a long way and creates goodwill for existing and new patients to not only keep returning for your services but also to read, like and share your website content and spreading the name of your organization as a trusted one.


Educate your patients, invest in patient education.


If you want to take a step towards making your healthcare a success and want to start with patient education.


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