When it comes to creating or redesigning websites we look out for the cheap and the best options available.

What exactly are you trying to save?
Do you just see the money going out of your pocket or do you have the vision to see the improvements of your online impression and profits that can actually be increased by having a good website that leverages the efficiency of your company?

Do you think that a template based website can be a successful model for your business?

Just because it looks like it fits in your budget does not mean that template website will look good and it fits your business model / needs!

Imagine you get a ready-made prescription glasses? You would never want that would you! You may not get the comfort of a good frame or even the right prescribed glass you prefer. You would always choose a custom made glasses. The frame you like, the glasses you prefer, the frame box you like etc. There is a satisfaction in custom made tools that will never be there in ready-made products. I even have a custom made prescription sun glasses 😉 If you don’t have one! Get One!

Same goes for your website where in your business has specific business requirements. Which a ready-made template website will never have…

Your failure to understand basics of how online marketing and branding works is a huge loss to your business!

I have been dealing with C2C and B2B industries for several years. I have learned and recognized events that can turn the tables around. How can every CLICK be beneficial for your business! I believe I know that very well.

I am just trying to list some basics here and give a clear picture to remove misconceptions of those who are starting a business and getting themselves loaded with a new website or even redesigning their existing website.

Let me list some of the major pros and cons of both templaet as well as custom base websites

Template Base Websites
Pros :

It’ss cheap and more than that you can also get free templates for your website. Template are ready and you just need to fit in your content. For a business that wants to give out its information and want to show others that they have a website this can be very helpful.
Many such services also have a ready-made content which you can directly put on your website. This saves your time and money as you do not have to worry about getting a content writer.
You’re the boss and you’re the employee. If you want to change things! you can do it yourself whenever you want. Anytime anywhere.

Cons :

It may not be able to help you much with the SEO part. You may have to figure this out yourself. Also some of the template based website providers providing you with content is good but imagine more than one website with same content and looking alike. This looks totally bad. Users in your area will check your competitor websites and if they have a better website and content than yours, you have lost that client/customer.
It does not look very creative and it’s very less likely to drag your viewers towards interested areas of your website. Every click matters, if you fail to give information or impress the viewer they will be gone.
This is the slam dunk —> For those who have it knows it… It is very difficult to modify (most of these are Static Website). You can’t get things in right place and if you see a website with alignment issues you are most likely looking at a template based website overflowing with more than enough information. Imagine you have to add something new but then you don’t have space for it!
You may not be able to find right content for your websites which suits your business needs. Even you get such a ready made content, it can create a bad impression to the viewers, imagine more than one website with same content.

Custom Made Websites
Pros :

Hiring professionals has its own perks you can make things work your way here. You are the king. You have paid for the services and this has its own fun. You can show them the websites you like and have a website similar to that with modifications. You can get a custom design website altogether that can suit your business.
Website Developers have better understanding of luring viewers from one page to another and can help you give more business, their suggestions will assist you make a better website.
You will get good help with Meta tags, SEO and plus you will be provided with content management training (Your Website Will Be Dynamic) on your website to do things on your own for few months (keep these training’s recorded). This can make you little expert in doing things yourself.
If you do not have time to upload and change things yourself, you can opt for an annual maintenance and your website developers would get all the work done. All they need is some content and little understanding of what you are planning to do.
Some web developers also have a team of content writers and you can hire their services [most likely extra charges will be applicable]

Cons :

It can be costly depending on the type of web services you hire. Some are reasonable and some expensive depending on the type of your work. You can find web developers all over the market. But it will be a task for you to find one who has worked extremely well in your field of business and one that suits your budget (avoid going for web developers who do not have their own websites or are not experienced in making specialized websites depending on your field, you can just see their email id and you will know, if they are into this profession for good they will have a good website and portfolio).
It takes time and time is money. You better have a person in charge to go back and forth with developers to get them the content they want and adjust things accordingly.

We at Rainmaker4MD specialize in understanding needs of providers and patients. We bridge their online gap with a website designed intelligently. It does not take a lot to go for a custom made website. Every doctor with different specialty has different things to show case which can be done with custom designs. Your patients come to you because you specialize, you are a custom fit for their treatment. Provide your patients the care they deserve with providing them good amount of information on your website that suits both providers and patients best.

If you want to know more about Custom Websites and other additional services, please visit www.Rainmaker4MD.com